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Our goal is to start with the beginners and work with you to grow into a highly competitive rider on a national scale displaying your talents all over Canada and the US.


Lesson program in English & Western persuasions.

Learn about safe and proven lesson horses.

Starting at age 8 until age 80.


Not sure you are ready to own a horse?

Lease one of ours monthly to see if ownership is right for you.


Board your horse with us in our full-service facility.

Miles of trails available to you.

Free choice hay and Grain fed twice a day.

Daily turnout, weather permitting, in large grass pastures.

Show board

Want your horse to have a show-boarding experience?

All the same services as boarding with the addition of a blanketing service.

Individual turnout.

Managed farrier service and veterinarian visits.

16 hours of light so they keep a summer coat all year round.


We would love to have you join our show team!

Training will get your horse in tip-top shape, ready for the show season.

We specialize in all horses of all ages.

Please contact Shandi for pricing and further information on the best service to make you successful on horseback.

199 Lutes Road
Steeves Mountain, NB E1G 3X8